INA'S Purpose

To promote education, advocacy and collegiality.

The By-laws state, "The purpose of the Association shall be:
1. To promote the highest professional standards for the practice of Neurology in the State of Iowa,
2. To study, research, and exchange information, experiences and ideas leading to improvement in the quality of neurological care, and
3. To represent the neurologists in the State of Iowa.

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Following an initial exploratory meeting at the AAN annual meeting in San Diego in April 2006, a steering committee of Iowa neurologists was formed. The Iowa Medical Society provided administrative support, and the committee went to work establishing the organization. The first annual meeting was held in February 2007 during which by-laws were adopted and officers were elected. At this time, the INA has 40 active members and 28 trainees and retirees.


Any physician who holds a license to practice medicine in Iowa and serves as a neurologist in the state of Iowa is eligible for active membership in the Association. Active members are expected to pay annual dues within 90 days of notification.

Non-voting membership is available to neurology residents and fellows and retired neurologists. Dues are waived.

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