INA'S Purpose

To promote education, advocacy and collegiality.

The By-laws state, "The purpose of the Association shall be:
1. To promote the highest professional standards for the practice of Neurology in the State of Iowa,
2. To study, research, and exchange information, experiences and ideas leading to improvement in the quality of neurological care, and
3. To represent the neurologists in the State of Iowa.

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Meeting and outings with colleages

2007 I-Cubs Outing

Nine neurologists and their families gathered at a sky box at Principal Park in downtown Des Moines for a one hour business meeting followed by baseball. Important information sharing occurred followed by time for collegiality and family fun.

2009 I-Cubs Outing

Pictured from left to right: Drs. Cal Hansen, Joe Doro, Mostafa Hammoudi, Lynn Rankin, Sant Hayreh, Michael Kitchell, and Seldon Spencer. Not pictured but present were Drs. Debra Benjamin and Anil Dhuna.

2010 I-Cubs Outing

Neurologists enjoy baseball following the summer meeting at the Cedar Rapids Kernals stadium in July 2010

1st Annual Meeting

Missy Showers, AAN representative, greets Calvin Hansen, MD at the first annual meeting in Des Moines in Feb. 2007

1st Annual Meeting

Mark Granner, MD, from the University of Iowa speaks at the first annual meeting 2/07

3rd Annual Meeting

Lynn Rankin, MD, first INA President, passes the gavel to Bruce Hughes, MD at the 3rd annual meeting in 2/09

4th Annual Meeting

Michael Kitchell, MD, speaks at the 4th annual meeting in 2/10

5th Annual Meeting

President Bruce Hughes, MD, passes the gavel to Rod Short, MD, at the 5th annual meeting in 2/11.

10th Annual Meeting

Dr. Richerson, MD, PHD, Speaks at 10th annual meeting.